Nautical Carpentry

We have experience of more than 20 years at the services of nautical carpentry, working with all kinds of woods, indoors and outdoors.

We restore, repair and create conventional and design furniture, with different lacquered of varnished finishes.
We manufacture the carpentry with a special care in exterior or interior.
We offer a personalized service for our clients.

Carpinteria náutica

The nautical carpentry, the care of the interior of a ship requires both a great mastery of all the carpentry techniques and a good knowledge of the forms, volumes and specific limitations of navigation.

The different facets of the profession

The nautical carpenter plays a prominent role in the construction of a boat, since it deals with all the wooden parts, except the frame, entrusted to this other specialist who is the marine carpenter. Even if it happens that it intervenes in the outside, for example, to make access covers or install some parts of roofing hardware (we are talking about deck joinery), most of the time is taken care of the interior layout by assembling the partitions to separate the cabins, ordering the rest, the square, the cupboards, etc. and making all the finishes.

According to the workshops, the tasks of the boat carpenter can vary a lot.

1) The prototypal carpenter receives the empty helmet and, based on the architect’s plans, constructs a first version of the ship’s design. This prototype allows the architect to evaluate in a real way what he designed on paper and make the necessary changes to obtain a perfectly arranged product.

2) Each piece of wood of the model will be identified with cards, it will be drawn and reproduced as many times as there are ships ordered. A load therefore another category of carpenters to take charge of the manufacture and assembly of these pieces, in series workshops manufacturing several boats in the same model.

3) Finally, some shipyards only work on individual boats, where everything is made as a custom work.

carpintería de barcos

Wood as the basis of work

From serial production to personalized work, from the manufacture of a prototype to the restoration of a classic ship, the beauty and interest of nautical carpentry lies in the richness of the work content, the variety and the precision of the actions made.

Even for the series construction, the abundant variety of parts that make up a boat, but also the different types of wood: oak, mahogany, teak, against marine plating or other materials with which you have to work, including metal for some elements that combine with wood.

But woodworking in boat carpentry requires specific training beyond the technical knowledge of general carpentry. In a ship, the volumes are complex, they involve many curves, but they are also a requirement for the optimization of the reduced space. It is necessary to aim for lightness, robustness and ergonomics, so that the boat is as manageable and comfortable as possible, but also the aesthetic to which the customers are very concerned.

In Daniel Nautical Solutions we offer solutions adapting to your budget, as well as the safety requirements of your boat. Contact us and we will offer you a customized solution.

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